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We are qualified guides, enthusiastic young historians (in spirit) eager to teach you the most curious of our cities.



Silvia is a young lady from Madrid who likes to travel more than anything in the world. She has already been in more than 90 countries! Official Guide, and with an open and friendly personality, Silvia is the tour manager for you, your friend in Spain.

Luis David

Luis David

Madrid Guide

Luis David lives in Madrid, and is a great passionate about his work. He knows the heritage of the city and its surroundings like no one else. He will leave you speechless. Do not forget to go with him on an excursion through Aranjuez, Toledo, Segovia, Avila, Cuenca, or El Escorial.

Mari Angeles

Mari Angeles

Sevilla Guide

This proud Sevillian historian has demonstrated with her art to make people laugh, that nobody explains better than her the stories set alongside the Guadalquivir. Enjoy a pleasant afternoon of tapas and stories in the city of light with good and wise company.



Madrid Guide

He lives in Madrid and is a master of dynamic communication, will capture your attention as a spell to enter with him in history. He loves to show you modern art, do not miss El Guernica.



Personal shopping & special events Catalonia

She lives in Barcelona, but has graduated from the best schools of fashion, art and image consulting in London and New York. She write about this in a magazine and it's your perfect personal shopper. Enjoy the shopping in the city by the hand of a real expert.

Jose Antonio

José Antonio

Andalucía Guide

With a degree in Art History, he always tries that those who visit him feel part of his small world and are thus able to enjoy as a local. That's why he invites you to discover Andalucía, full of stories, experiences and joy.

Foto Gemma Coll

Gemma Coll

Official Guide of Catalonia

Gemma was born in Barcelona but now lives in Girona. For some time she lived and studied in Norway, England and Brasil. She holds a degree in Translation Studies and in History, she has been guiding for over 10 years and is passionate about art, architecture and history of course!

Conchi Guia de Barcelona


Barcelona Guide

Feeling your city is the most important thing to show it with joy and enthusiasm to others.
Come to Barcelona to know the city at the hand of this guide that will transmit your passion for its monuments.

Sergio Guia de Portugal


Portugal Guide

Sergio is from the small, but beautiful town of Tomar, in Portugal. As a guide his passion is to talk about the history and culture of his country. His greatest hobby is, guess what?  Traveling and know new places.

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