Often ignored and underestimated, Extremadura is one of the most fascinating regions of Spain. Next to the Portuguese border, the region is a place where the past is very present. Everywhere there are people trapped in time, old-fashioned castles, serene monasteries, a bucolic countryside and delicious regional cuisine. Considered one of the best areas of Europe to visit by Lonely Planet (2016), if you are looking to get lost in a different plan, nothing touristy, this is undoubtedly your plan.

From Orellana to Pizarro, Extremadura has been the birthplace of the most intrepid conquerors in the history of the country. Dare yourself now to explore what this region has to offer. Roman theaters await you, medieval towns, fairytale palaces, waterfalls and small villages of great beauty.

The Valle del Jerte, is one of the most beautiful areas to see the cherry tree in bloom at the beginning of spring. There you can also see and participate in the production of cheese, ham, sausages, olive oil, wines, etc.

Other places of interest in the area are: Zafra, Almendralejo, Bejar, Plasencia, Trujillo, Mérida, Pozo de los Humos, Guadalupe, Badajoz, Alcántara and Caceres. Tell us if you are interested in any particular one or you let yourself be carried away by us!

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