It is inevitable to think of Bilbao and that your head does not immediately relate this city to the Guggenheim Museum. A few years ago, an architect told me about what this building had meant for the city by adding the following phrase: "Today, all cities want to have their Guggenheim because everybody wants to go to the Guggenheim." A great truth. This building is something that has brought life back to a city that had little interest in the rest of the world and which now everyone wants to know. Although there are many more things to see in it, of course it is.

To those of Bilbao we like to chiquitear by the Seven Streets and the New Place, to sing bilbainadas in the Arenal and to remember again and again, to those who are not of Bilbao, the beautiful that is the Capital of the World.

"This used to smell bad, it was dirty and it was not visible because of the pollution", is a phrase that the locals repeat while their chest swells, seeing how beautiful the villa is. For many it is already difficult to remember that Bilbao thanks to the impressive change that has given in a short time.

Guggenheim Bilbao museum reflection on the Nervion river, over a cloudy blue sky

Urbanists, architects and city managers from around the world study and talk about the 'Bilbao Effect' and how this city, which was in the midst of a social and economic crisis of terror, was transformed in less than a decade into reference of modernity for its cultural activity and quality of life.

San Sebastián is also redefining the Basque image around the world with its extraordinary gastronomy. The city can boast proud of being home to two restaurants ranked in the top 10 of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World and also has 15 Michelin stars in 7 restaurants. It is also one of the best places to taste pintxos - miniature culinary creations, similar to Spanish tapas, but better. Although it should not be forgotten that San Sebastian is not the only place where you can enjoy a fabulous meal. Just 20 minutes along the coast, the beautiful town of Hondarribia is quickly becoming a must-see for gastronomy lovers. Visit with us the production of Idiazabal. And after having filled the stomach with all that delicious food, a trip to the best wine-growing area of Spain - La Rioja - seems the perfect idea.

There are so many other things and places to be discovered in the Basque Country. The region is full of picturesque villages, such as those found in the French Basque Country, as well as numerous fishing communities along the coast. There are beautiful beach destinations such as Biarritz and some of the best surfing spots in the world. There is simply too much to see and do to be able to mention everything here.

Guggenheim Bilbao museum reflection on the Nervion river, over a cloudy blue sky 1
Panoramic main entrance full view  of Arriaga Theathre buinding in the city of Bilbao Basque Country Spain 2
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