Barcelona is one of those innovative cities that can make anyone an artist, one of the best in the world for many. Its modernist architecture framed by Gaudí has attracted, since the Olympic Games, millions of tourists. As soon as you stare at the views over Montjuic or Tibidabo, you will know why it is so successful.

Also driving along the coast of Catalonia is a great beauty. Among the quality of food, wine, mountains and sea, you can easily have a great therapeutic experience.

"All the essence of the great Barcelona, the perennial, the incorruptible, is in this street that has a Gothic wing where you can hear Roman sources and lutes of the fifteen and another motley wing, cruel, incredible, where you hear the accordions of all the sailors of the world and there is an evening flight of painted lips and laughter at dawn.
I also have to go every day down this street to learn from her how the spirit of a city can persist. "

Federico García Lorca 1935

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