We Spaniards know well that we have nothing to envy to the waters of the Caribbean, or Greece. Only one hour by plane from Madrid or Barcelona you will find coves with turquoise waters in the middle of the Mediterranean, surrounded by forests. They are our beloved Balearic Islands of which you have already heard. And they seem to be made to enjoy the time, the sea and the navigation, that's why we do not want you to visit them in any other way than from a sailing boat.

So valued are these Spanish islands that many movie stars, athletes or the great characters of royalty who have chosen and choose to spend their holidays or even to have their second home. In the list of celebrities who have succumbed to the charms of the Balearic Islands, we find names like Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, Will Smith, Ronaldo, Armani, Leonardo DiCaprio, Valentino Rossi, Rafael Nadal ...

But not only do these islands live on the beach, in fact UNESCO has included the island of Ibiza on its World Heritage list due to its biodiversity and culture, the high city of Eivissa is an extraordinary example of Renaissance military architecture and the Serra cultural landscape of Tramuntana in Mallorca, has fascinating monuments and localities.

If we add to all this the incredible nocturnal atmosphere of the island of Ibiza, the option of contemplating unforgettable sunsets from the deck of a boat and the possibility to try with tranquility typical products such as Mahón cheese, liqueur herbs, fish tumbet or a lobster stew, who would not want to go at least once in their life?

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